Small Business Webinar: January 19th

Marketing Webinar
Small Business Marketing Webinar

(Pleasanton, TX – January 11, 2021) The City of Pleasanton and EMC Strategy Group will hold a Small Business Marketing Webinar on January 19, 2021, at 10:00 a.m.

EMC President & CEO Ernie Gonzalez will lead the workshop and share marketing strategies aimed at helping small businesses grow through brand awareness using social media, websites, and print media.   

Gonzalez has served in numerous public affairs and marketing positions in the public and private sector throughout his 27-year professional career. 

“Creating brand awareness about products or services is a vital factor in making any business or organization grow,” says EMC President & CEO Ernie Gonzalez. 

“The City of Pleasanton is committed to supporting small businesses by providing assistance wherever possible,” says Pleasanton Mayor Travis Hall.  “The city’s business and economic development consulting firm is a valuable asset to all small business within the Pleasanton city limits,” adds Mayor Hall.

The webinar will highlight owned and shared marketing strategies, and free and low-cost marketing resources.   

EMC Strategy Group provides free consulting and technical assistance services to any business in Pleasanton. 

Please contact or call 210.960.4340, ext. 102 to register for the webinar.